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The images on this website have been generously donated by Marsden villagers and others with Marsden connections, to whom we are grateful.
The copyright of the images is not the property of Marsden History Group but remains with the authors of the images. Copyright in images created earlier than 1900 is likely to have expired, i.e. 40 years after the author's death. Any later images should not be reproduced for any other purposes.
We are grateful to anyone who has taken photographs appearing on this web site but who could not be traced despite our best efforts, and are therefore unacknowledged. Any copyright holder wishing to query material on the web site is invited to contact us. We will be happy to remove any material if requested to do so by the copyright holder, or provide a copyright release form to formalise the use of the item. If you appear in an image and are not happy to appear on the site, please contact us and we will remove the relevant image.
Copyright in this website (excluding the images in the Archive) is owned by Marsden History Group.


Ian Beardsall, Douglas Bell, Sheila Brammall, Brian Broadley, Betty Brook, Carl Butters, John Button, Noreen Carr, Phillip Charlesworth, Janet Carrat, John Clark, Robert Coupland, Christina Ditchfield, Christine Docker, Geoffrey Duncan, John Edwards, Trevor Ellis, Lynn Free, Ruth Gilbert, Ron Hirst, Frank Holroyd, David Horncastle, Margaret Hoyle, Brian Irving, Renee Lewis, Trevor Matthews, Alan Matthews, Carol Meyer, Valerie Mullin, Lynne Newlove, Derek Pinder, Andrew Pollard, Elaine Ridgway, Ronald Rose, Viv Rowarth, Vivien Roworth, Betty Shaw, Liz Smith, Ian Starkey, David Stubbings, Judi Thorpe, Terry Vallow, Keith Walden, Phillip Warwick, Shirley Waterhouse, Ralph Whitehead, Alistair Whitehead, Malcolm Whitehead, Eddie Whitehead, Peter Whitehead, KM Whittell, Michael Whitwam, Dez Wilson